Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rice and Beans

My enchiladas suizas
—with a side of rice and beans.
My husband is a pastor.  I'm not sure if I mentioned that in previous posts.  There are parts of his job that I really enjoy, like connecting with other people and opening up our home.  There are harder parts, like accompanying him to wakes and funerals.  Occasionally, there are welcome surprises.  Our first meal at Rice & Beans was just that.  Members of our church, Carlos and Cindy Elizondo, recently opened up their own restaurant, and they wanted one of the pastors from our church to pray a blessing over it.  My husband was the chosen one, and the children and I got to accompany him.

Rice & Beans is not your typical Brownsville restaurant.  Everything, from the chicken to the tortillas, is made from scratch and prepared on site as it is ordered.  Open for only two weeks, the restaurant has already experienced incredible success.  Their motto?  "Be Happy:  Eat more rice and beans."

When asked about the name, owner Carlos Elizondo shared, "The vision started with my family.  I grew up poor.  The only thing we always had at the table was rice and beans; that's where the name came from.  We want everyone that comes in to feel like they are eating at home."

The Rice and Beans menu
I was very impressed by the service we received.  We were treated like royalty and got to eat whatever we liked off the menu.  I had the enchiladas suizas and they were amazing!  The salsa verde they make is beyond compare!  When I go back, I am going to order the same dish because I liked it so much.

Elizondo has a big vision for Rice & Beans.  "I would like to see it in every city.  More than anything, I want to make sure it is 100% great, especially for our people that come here on a daily basis," he added.  "We want to provide good food, good prices and a great atmosphere.  In the last two weeks that we've been open, everyone has come more than once."

The prices are quite reasonable, and there are high chairs and diaper changing stations in the restroom.  In a city like ours, catering to families is of utmost importance if you want your business to succeed; we are a fruitful people.

Rice & Beans is open daily from 6 am–3pm, and also has a drive-thru.  Their weekends are busiest because of their barbacoa sales.  "We see a lot of people [in the drive-thru] in pajamas," Elizondo said.
The Elizondo Family (from L-R):  Mario, Sophia, Briana,
Carla, Mary Lou (Huerta), Cindy and Carlos.

"We would like everyone to give it a shot," added Cindy Elizondo,"we provide excellent customer service and the food is always fresh.  It's a friendly family environment."

Popular hostess, Mary Lou Huerta, a retired BISD employee of 28 years, commented, "It's inviting and makes people want to come here and bring their children.  We give God the glory."  Because of their immediate progress, they have implemented a buffet specifically for BISD employees and other professionals that do not get long lunch breaks.

I hope you get the opportunity to check out Rice & Beans for yourself; you won't regret it!  I know my family and I will be back.  For more information, please visit their Facebook page.
Rice and Beans is located at 5815 FM 802.


  1. I want to eat your words the food sounds so yummy! ;) Thanks for sharing another new place we need to go try!!