Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Press Play

Press play
Another day
Of dishes, dirty clothes and diapers
                                                                                                Come play with me
Hold on…
The floor is sticky
Yesterday’s cheerios crusted over
Remnants of little hands on the table
What will visitors say?
                                                                                                Come play with me please
Their rooms
An endless supply
Of tiny traps,
Ninja turtles, dinosaurs and books
                                                                                                Come play with me NOW!
How did it come to this?
Me, not keeping up
In seemingly simple tasks
                                                                                                I love you, mama!
Small arms wrapped around my legs
A tiny face, buried into my bottom

I reach out, kiss his forehead
Say I love you, too

And we play.


  1. So sweet! And so true. You could shuffle the sections and it would be the same for many days. I'm grateful for little hands that remind us to play.

    1. I try to remember that the days are very long, but years are short...

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  3. I remember those sweet moments. You capture them so clearly: Isaac's calling me-