Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reformed Anti-Gamer Girl

I was raised believing that video games were evil.  There was no point to them, and they only existed to kill my brain cells.  I never even owned a Game Boy.  The furthest extent of my experience was playing Super Mario on the original Nintendo at my cousin's house.

Enter my husband.  Gaming is a favorite pastime of his.  Our opposite backgrounds made for really interesting discussions our first couple of years of marriage.  I was convinced that I would never see any value in any sort of video game or gaming device.

I often refer to my spouse as a, "Techie Trekkie."  Though, technically, he is one of those rare breeds that enjoys both Star Wars and Star Trek.  I have always thought that he would make an excellent writer.  He is an incredible speaker and a voracious reader. His imagination is unlimited and I am convinced that he has a photographic memory.

There is one game in particular that he has played for about a year, Trexels.  It is a Star Trek game specifically for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.  He is part of the Trexels Players Advocacy Council, a Facebook group that finds glitches and provides suggestions and new ideas.  After he shared ways to create a mission to explain a current glitch in the game, the designers (who are based in India) asked if he would add a little more content in order to make it a completely new system in Sector 10!

If you're anything like me, that last paragraph was a little hard to follow (and I wrote it)!  In simple terms, he created a whole new planet, Nooma (which is Greek--Pnuema, meaning spirit) and six events that take place on this planet following the parameters of the game (specifically, a couple of red alerts, an officer story, an exploration mission and a main event--the away mission where you beam down to the planet)!  And the best part?!  He was paid for it!

Once again, I find myself eating my words.  I am so proud of my mate!  He has officially written his first storyline for a video game!  And, surprisingly, I can't wait to play it! ;)


  1. Validation for playing! Hahaha Now Serg needs to earn some money off this game too! ; - )

  2. That is so awesome! Being married to a gamer, as well as a Star Wars/ Star Trek fan too, I totally understand! Can we have a gamers wife night? ;)

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  5. Very cool! I'm so glad he came up with a very creative idea. I wish both of you well. The game sounds like a winner!

    1. Thank you, Sonya! It was exciting for me to play it (which is extremely rare). :)