Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Shoreline

Take me to the place where
My toes meet the sand,
And my hands discover castles

Where the water rushes to the surface
There you’ll find me
With my feet sinking down, down

As I walk and splash, walk and splash
I can hear my mother calling

But it’s time for me to catch my wave,
My visceral wave consumes me

The euphoric song of the sea illusions me
And takes me to that deep place
The hard rocks

My feet slip and bleed
I get caught in the under current,
Marred by seaweed

The taste of salt burns my nose
As the water threatens to choke my hope

In the distance I hear a myriad of voices
That sound like crashing waves
On the horizon as the sun sets
The Voice calls

I fight and steadily race back to the shore
Gliding in on the suddenly peaceful waves

Crawling in on all fours
With my hands sinking down, down
There you’ll find me

And in the distance I see
A sunrise
A chance to begin anew


  1. Wonderfully written. God has blessed you with a talent for sure.

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